Case studies

Research activities in RIBuild include tests of various internal insulation systems and how they perform in actual buildings under various climate conditions. 

Different types of insulation systems have been applied internally into different types of heritage buildings across Europe. The buildings are constructed between 1866 to 1935.

Temperature and relative humidity sensors have been installed between the walls and the insulation system to do long-term monitoring of the hygrothermal conditions in the walls. The results are assessed with mathematical risk models and hygrothermal simulations.

This long-term monitoring is uniqe for the RIBuild research and provide the project with valuable knowledge of how different types of internal insulation systems perform under real conditions all year round over several years. The case studies will be part of the final RIBuild guidelines as examples of internal thermal insulation.

Case studies overview

Here is an interactive Google Map where you see the RIBuild case studies. Click on the map and see where the case studies are located. Further, you can click on each case study and get information of the buildings and the types of insulations systems that are used. NOTE: RIBuild case studies are marked with red symbols. Other published case studies are marked with yellow symbols.