Know your wall before installing internal insulation

Senior researcher Eva B. Møller

Before installing internal insulation in an existing building, it is good idea to do a simulation of whether it is moisture safe or if there is a risk of mould growth. In order to do such a simulation you need to know the properties of both the original wall and of the insulation material you plan to use.

Especially for older buildings, though, it is most likely that you only know what you can see with the naked eye – e.g. if the external wall is made of stone or brick and what colour it has.

In this video senior researcher Eva B. Møller, The Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University Copenhagen, explains the importance of knowing your wall before installing internal insulation.

Test materials in the laboratory – or in your kitchen

You can examine the material properties of the original wall in different ways. You can send a sample to a laboratory and get a thorough analysis of its properties. You can also do a simple test at home in your kitchen using an oven and a bucket and water. See how these two test methods are done in the following videos: