RIBuild open seminar 21 January 2016

Often, internal insulation is the appropriate choice, when retrofitting older buildings, in order to maintain the external appearance for its architectural and cultural value. But internal insulation can be subject to high costs and create new problems such as moisture damage in the walls.

The recently launched EU-project, RIBuild, has set out to develop guidelines on, how to install internal thermal insulation in historic buildings in an effective, secure and robust way. The guidelines will be applicable to historic buildings all over Europe.

Get introduced to RIBuild, see case studies and give your input on what you think is important for the new set of guidelines for internal insulation in terms of both substance and format at RIBuild’s first open afternoon seminar 21 January 2016.

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You can follow the seminar online. Register, and sign up for live streaming. The seminar will also be video recorded and published on ribuild.eu after the seminar.

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Download programmme (pdf)

When - 21 January 2016 2:00pm-4:30pm

Where - Aalborg University Copenhagen, Frederiks Kaj 12, 2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark. Building FKJ12, seminar room 0.06.

Language - English

Target group - Authorities, building owners, consulting engineers, contractors and other professional practitioners in the European building sector, who have an interest in energy efficiency in buildings.

Admission - Free admission



Welcome - Download presentation (pdf)
Director Thorkild Ærø, Danish Building Research Institute






Introducing RIBuild - Download presentation (pdf)
Senior researcher Ernst Jan de Place Hansen, Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University Copenhagen

RIBuild is a cross-border research project, which investigates how to install thermal insulation in historic buildings in an effective, secure and robust way. In this presentation, the project manager introduces the RIBuild project, purpose and outcome.






Between heritage and energy efficiency - Download presentation (pdf)
Cand.arch., PhD student Henriette Ejstrup, The Building Preservation Association (BYFO)

30 percent of the buildings in Europe are erected prior to World War II. This makes energy efficiency and preservation a highly relevant topic. What is the need for internal insulation of historic buildings and what are the challenges?





The risks of internal insulation in old buildings - Download presentation (pdf)
Senior researcher Ruut Peuhkuri, Danish Building Research Institute

Many older buildings are retrofitted with internal insulation to maintain the appearance of the building, but often this creates new problems such as moisture damage. Hear about the risks, when insulating the inside of old exterior walls.







Energy improvements of a protected heritage building in Riga - Download presentation (pdf)
Professor Andra Blumberga, Riga Technical University

Researchers measured the energy improvement of a small brick building in Riga during a renovation process. The building is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and no modifications of the appearance of the building are allowed. Prior to the renovation, the building suffered from severe construction damage, moisture damage and brick deterioration affected by weather and human factors. Hear about the results of the study and the challenges which occurred during the renovation process.







Updating the energy standard while preserving the exterior - Download presentation (pdf)
Architect and civ.ing. Leif Rønby, rönby.dk

The energy consumption of an apartment building in Copenhagen was reduced by 50 percent in the first year after the implementation of internal insulation. However, simulations show that there is a potential to reduce the energy consumption by up to 73 percent, but this require choosing the proper solutions, correct implementation of materials and depends on how the residents use the building. Hear about the solutions and the results of the renovation process, which was followed and studied by researchers.

3:15pm Coffee break






Important knowledge in the restoration process of old buildings - Download presentation (pdf)
Architect Morten Ørsager, Erik Møller Architects

Erik Møller Architects has many years of experience with restoration projects of cultural heritage. See examples of how they cooperate with other building professionals and work strategically with restoration processes, and hear about what they think is important to consider, when restoring historic buildings





Designing guidelines for robust internal insulation - Download presentation (pdf)
Associate professor Søren Peter Bjarløv, Technical University of Denmark

RIBuild will result in guidelines, which will help practitioners to determine, whether a building is suitable for internal insulation and which solution to choose. The guidelines will be applicable to buildings all over Europe. Hear about, what to expect from the guidelines.





Moderator: Director Thorkild Ærø

Presenters and participants get the opportunity to debate potentials and challenges of internal insulation and to give their input on the format and substance of the coming guidelines from RIBuild.





Round-off - Download presentation (pdf)
Director Thorkild Ærø

A short recap of the highlights of the seminar and an outlook on the next step of the RIBuild project.