Survey results: Experiences with internal thermal insulation

Survey about internal insulation

In the autumn of 2016 RIBuild conducted an online survey amongst practitioners in the construction industry to gain knowledge about their practical experiences with internal thermal insulation. The survey shows a need for knowledge about thermal internal insulation and how to handle the biggest challenge which concerns vapour barriers and humidity.

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Many different challenges are mentioned by the survey participants. Below is a table of the challenges most commonly mentioned by the participants:

Challenges No. of replies
Vapour barrier, humidity or mould 46
Lack of knowledge 38
Difficult details, fittings, joints 23
Problems with collaboration or the working relationship with other stakeholders 19
Technical or constructional issues 18
Lack of preparation or survey of existing conditions 17
Lack of experience (in particular among the craftspeople) 14
Timber frame ends 7

Towards new guidelines

The results of the survey will be used as input in the development of new guidelines on how to install internal thermal insulation in historic buildings while maintaining their architectural and cultural heritage.

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