Talks about RIBuild coming up in Denmark and Sweden

Photo: Jørgen True

The RIBuild team meeting in Copenhagen, September 2019

Meet the RIBuilders

Late September, European researchers and RIBuild partners met in Copenhagen to bring their findings together.  

Old farmhouse with internal insulation, RIBuild

VIDEO: A RIBuild case – internal insulation of an old farmhouse

Do you care about historic buildings? And do you want to know how to insulate a 144-year-old farmhouse that had been abandoned for 20 years?

RIBuild-video about the LCA/LCC tool

Coming up: Tool for environmental and cost assessment of internal insulation

The energy saving potential of historic buildings is great. Barriers such as uncertain investments and long repayment periods can, however, hamper energy renovation of buildings.

Screendump from film about internal insulation

VIDEO: Internal insulation of historic buildings - desirable but risky

When energy improving historic buildings internal insulation is often the desirable solution in order to preserve the buildings' cultural value and architectural details on the facades.