VIDEO: Internal insulation in practice

Research activities in RIBuild include tests of various internal insulation systems and how they perform in actual buildings under various climate conditions. 

Researchers have been monitoring the hygrothermal conditions in the interface between walls and insulation systems as this is an area of risk of condensation, mould growth, wood degredation etc.

In this video PhD student Tessa Kvist Hansen from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) tells you about one of the case studies i Copenhagen, that DTU has been involved in. 

Results from the case studies conducted by DTU have been published in the research article Long term in situ measurements of hygrothermal conditions at critical points
in four cases of internally insulated historic solid masonry walls
(Tessa Kvist Hansen, Søren Peter Bjarløv, Ruut Hannele Peuhkuri, Maria Harrestrup in: Energy & Buildings (2018)).

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