On this page RIBuild collects results. The material will be published contionously during the project from 2015-2019.

The work plan of RIBuild consists of eight inter-correlated work packages (WPs) with each their deliverables and milestones. 

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The overall approach

RIBuild is a trans-disciplinary project embracing material characterisation, building physics, energy, sustainability and statistics.

The RIBuild consortium consists of partners from six EU Member States and Switzerland. In this way RIBuild covers diverse climates and building traditions which will result in guidelines that can be applied to historic buildings all over Europe.

RIBuild investigates historic buildings erected prior to World War II. RIBuild focuses on heavy external walls made of stone, brick and timber framing, as most historic buildings are made of these materials.

The overall approach of the RIBuild research process can be divided into four parts:

1. Screening

  • Survey of the historic building stock in each participant country focused on materials and structure
  • Review of existing guidelines and technologies on internal insulation
  • Characterisation of the most common materials and property data for historic buildings
  • Determining threshold values for failure of building structures and materials, for instance for mould growth or rot in wooden structures


2. Case studies and laboratory tests

  • Monitoring internal insulation systems of historic building in the participating countries
  • On-site and laboratory tests of wall constructions retrofitted with various internal insulation systems under various climate conditions
  • Compilation of data from the case studies will be compiled into databases for the evaluation of internal insulation systems under different realistic conditions


3. Development of probabilistic methodologies for:

  • Hygrothermal assessment of building components
  • Evaluation of building performances
  • Life Cycle Assessment and energy-saving potential
  • Cost/benefit assessment


4. Development of guidelines

  • Development of guidelines for decision-making and practical installation of internal insulation based on RIBuild research
  • Evaluation and demonstration of the guidelines in order to validate their efficiency and positive impact on the energy performance of historic buildings


Work packages and deliverables

The work plan of RIBuild consists of eight inter-correlated work packages (WPs) with each their deliverable and milestones. 

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Advisory Board

The RIBuild project will be followed by an External Expert Advisory Board. The members of the board will attend a meeting in RIBuild once a year and comment on the results and progress of the project.

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